Voarcel – Random Tables

The following content is designed to give you some additional choices in how you run your games set in our Dark Fantasy Setting, Voarcel. If you would like to pick up your own copy of the Voarcel setting, head over here: Chapter 1: Welcome to the Grim

Additional Random Tables

If you thought the tables we presented in Chapter 1 were a bit lackluster, here are some more interesting tables involving a wider range of creatures. In order to use the monsters listed here you need to own a copy of the Monster Manual, (MM) Mordenkeinens Tome of Foes (MTOF) & Volo’s Guide to Monsters (VGTM).

While these tables can be used in whatever setting you want, they have been optimized for a group of 4 Level 10 PCs & range from Medium to Hard difficulty, the idea being these are areas that the PCs really should not be traveling through unless they can help it.

Additional Encounters in Dankmire

During the day roll a D20, at night roll a D10. These have been optimized for a party of 4 Level 10 PC’s as Hard encounters. When you roll on the table and nothing happens, narrate the boat ride as tensely as possible, with brief scuffles breaking the surface of the water, to the ripples of something huge moving past the PC’s before eventually, they make it to their destination.

  • 1 A group of Drowning Dwarf or Goblin figures (depending on the parties current allies) call out for aid. When approached they transform into 5 Deep Scion (VGTM135) who attempt to drag the party underwater.
  • 2 3 female voices call out through the faint mist that covers the water. On a small island of rubble and trash 3 women in torn clothing call out. In truth, they are 3 Sea Hag’s (coven) (MM179) If they are not appeased in some way decided by the DM, they will attempt to slay as many of the PC’s as they can.
  • 3 If there are any Magic Users, they are detected by 4 swimming Chuul (MM40) who attempt to drag them underwater with their tentacles.
  • 4 A group of 4 Merrow (MM219) riding 2 Plesiosaurus (MM80) who dwell in a deep underwater cave network that has an opening in Dankmire erupt from the water on the hunt for fresh sacrifices. They will attempt to take at least one NPC or PC down into their underwater home to drown and dismember them as part of their ritual.
  • 5-10 Nothing happens.
  • 11 A Giant Crocodile (MM324) is busy trying to Devour 5 Swarms of Quippers (MM338) however the Quippers are in the middle of a blood Frenzy & are taking as many chunks out of the Crocodile as it has out of them. If the PC’s are detected then several swarms will attempt to attack this fresh prey, drawing the attention of the Crocodile as well.
  • 12 The water around the boat begins to churn as a Water Elemental (MM125) erupts in front of the group. This is only a distraction however as 4 Kuo-toa Whip’s (MM200) flank the Patry from the sides and rear.
  • 13 A Water Elemental Myrmidon (MTOF203) demands to know what the PC’s are doing in what it pretends to be its territory. It will demand some kind of tribute before allowing them to pass, if the party refuse then it will attack, attempting to capsize the boats.
  • 14-20 Nothing
Additional Encounters in The Wilds

The Wild’s have a similar Day/Night cycle to Dankmire. During the day roll a D20, at night roll a D10. Traveling the Wild’s, like Dankmire needs to be a tense experience that makes the PC’s regret not using an alternative method of bypassing the region. PCs need to be at least level 10 to have a chance of survival.

  • 1 4 Intellect Devourer’s (MM191) posing as Goblins (MM166) are engaged in battle with a Bugbear Chief (MM33), Goblin Boss (MM166), Hobgoblin Iron Shadow (VGTM162) & their Nilbog (VGTM182) Leader. They are members of a Cartel that is either allied or opposed to the PCs (50/50 chance) & if the PCs aid them then they may help escort the PCs to their destination or abandon them depending on the Party’s persuasive ability.
  • 2 The PC’s are jumped by 3 Dwarven undead, a Sword Wraith Commander (MTOF241) & his 2 Sword Wraith Warriors (MTOF) who still believe the Wilds are part of their guard post from 400 years ago. The PC’s will be unable to convince them 400 years have passed but they can placate them by agreeing to be escorted to another area in the wilds (50/50 chance of it being towards their goal or away from it) where another roll on this chart needs to be made. Otherwise, they will attack.
  • 3 A host of tormented and deranged Dwarven and Halfling Undead have been bound to the Wilds since the Calamity, & view any traveler as their only way out, but their desperation drives them to either possess or swarm the living, killing them in the process. The host consists of 3 Ghasts (MM148) who will charge directly for the nearest PCs, a Ghost (MM147) who will possess the first person she can & draw them away, while Wraith (MM302) & its Wight (MM300) minion are aware of the truth and are using the other Undead as mindless cattle to create more slaughter. If the Ghost can be convinced of the truth then she will try to aid the PCs by possessing one of the Ghasts & turning it against the Wraith & Wight.
  • 4 The ground erupts as a Gigantic Neothelid (VGTM181) from deep below breaks to the surface. It will work to devour and drag down at least one Party Member to its lair, though it may decide to abandon the fight if the PCs manage to bring it below half health.
  • 5 Wandering up from the catacombs below is a Boneclaw (MTOF121) a powerful magic user who came to the city to study the undead. They were obsessed with Immortality but botched the ritual to become a lich, and now wander the Wilds hunting for ingredients from the nearby aberrations for their master (A random NPC in the city that the PCs have already interacted with). They will see the Party as walking sacks of ritual components and will attempt to butcher them unless they can prove themselves useful to their master in some other way.
  • 6 The PCs stumble into a nest in the ruins where 5 Slaad Tadpole’s (MM276) are hatching. Any noise they cause will summon the Red Slaad (MM276) that acts as the tadpoles protector. If the Tadpoles or the Slaad see any of the party they will attack, attempting to either kill or infect as many as possible.
  • 7  A strange desire grips one of the PC’s to head towards a ruined building. As they step near the sound of 5 Gibbering Mouther’s (MM157) is heard as they slowly shuffle towards the Party, blocking off any exit. Inside the building, the floor has caved in to reveal the rest of an Otyugh (MM248) who will try to devour the PCs.
  • 8 A strange alien chittering and whispering are heard from inside a ruined building as 3 Cultists (MM345) are chanting and performing a ritual to summon their patron, a Star Spawn Hulk (MTOF234). If the Party interrupts the ritual before it is completed the binding is incomplete & the Star Spawn slays the Cultists before turning on the party.
  • 9 A Slithering Tracker (VGTM191), who was a previous enemy of the PCs who survived & performed a ritual on themselves for revenge has been preparing a trap for the Party, involving 2 Black Pudding (MM241), & 3 Ochre Jelly (MM243). The Tracker will wait until the PCs are in the center of its trap before revealing themselves, smashing the containers containing the other oozes one by one. If all the Oozes are freed the Tracker will then join the attack until all the Party is dead. While the Tracker is obsessed with killing the party the Oozes are simply relying on instinct, and if the PCs can escape the trap only the Tracker will come after them.
  • 10 Similar to number 8, an NPC the PC’s were previously hostile to is revealed to be a Warlock of the Great Old One (VGTM220) who is working on summoning a Star Spawn Mangler (MTOF236) alongside 3 Star Spawn Grue (MTOF234) who they have already brought forth. Their goals are unknown but they will slay anyone who witnesses their plan.
  • 11 One of the rival Cartels has hired a Champion (VGTM212) to hunt down the Party & slay them in the Wilds, however, there is a 50% chance they will instead wish to team up with the PCs due to the Wilds being far more hostile than they expected. If the Party agree then the Campion will be a permanent ally, as long as the PCs can afford to pay his 50 gold a day fee.
  • 12 The party hears the sounds of combat and spellcasting nearby. When they round the corner they see a member of the Siren Charter, an Evoker (VGTM214) harvesting the organs from the body of some aberration. They will be deeply cagey about their purpose in the wilds but will ask the PCs if they have acquired any kind of components from any Undead or Aberration they have encountered in the past, or if they are holding any magical item or weapon not sanctioned by the Siren Charter (anything above +1). If they have and do not hand them over the Evoker will become hostile & seek to take them by force.
  • 13 While much of the Wilds are simply desolate ruins, there are plenty of areas near its borders where thick vegetation has reclaimed much of the broken Dwarven Buildings. Nestled in a large opening surrounded by overgrown buildings the PCs find themselves trapped between a large warped looking Awakened Tree (MM317) & a ravenous Corpse Flower (MTOF127) that will attempt to drive them into the tree and feast on their remains.
  • 14 Hearing the noise of someone in Distress the party will discover a Dwarven child looking lost and afraid. Upon seeing the Party they will try to duck inside a small narrow passageway. If the PCs are drawn inside far enough to comfort the small sobbing child, she is revealed to be an Elder Oblex (MTOF219) & will charm the most powerful member of the party before attempting to devour the mind of the most intelligent PC.
  • 15-20 Nothing happens, & the Party manages to cross unhindered.