Not only are we a pair of stunningly gorgeous top tier models, but we also have several ongoing projects that we are working on over the next year or so, with many more in the wings! We are working on expanding the site to include more information about each project, but for now here is an overview of what we are actively working on:

Voarcel is a dark fantasy setting for Dungeons and Dragons. It is the result of several years of world-building for a Fantasy Novel that never took flight. Since we both slowly began getting back into the hobby we thought that taking the development work we had done on the project and converting it into a setting that others could make use of would be a good idea, and so far we are pretty pleased with how things have turned out!

The Setting is currently being released in ‘Zine’ format, where every quarter or so we release a new location from the setting to slowly build up a large cohesive world. We are working on a specific section for the website where you can access all manner of free bonus content, but in the meantime, you can Buy Chapter 1 here, and check out our current free content here: First, we take a look at the wider location of the Spectral Coast, and then we have some additional Random Encounter Tables which will provide some additional flavor to your games.



Heirs to the Throne is a Black Comedy Noir comic with Dragons. Intended as a long-form graphic novel the comic has been released in periodic installments over the past few years. The Story revolves around Devillo Devianti, the sole heir, or so he believes, of the great Devianti Fortune & his attempts to uncover the truth about what has happened to his late parents. Heirs is a dark humor comic with themes of intrigue, mystery & Dragons being utter bastards. Chapter 3 is set to commence early 2019.



The Illustrated Dracula is a project which we had planned to work on for a while now but various situations have pushed it to the backburner several times over. However, we can confirm previous statements online that the book will be ready for Halloween 2019. While we could have made something for 2018, our focus had been to other projects, and whatever we would have produced would not have been our best possible quality. So, we intend to make the Illustrated Dracula one of our best titles yet, something that we can be truly proud of to have in our portfolio.