Voarcel Chapter 2 – Pact of the Rat

Hey guys, so Chapter 1 of Voarcel has been out for a little while now and we are deeply grateful to everyone who has picked up a copy and given us feedback on the project so far. Right now we are hard at work on getting Chapter 2 ready for its January release window, including a continuation of the adventure from Chapter 1 which (spoiler alert) Implicated the Veril as being involved in the attempted bombing of the Goblins of Grimscar. The adventure, Pact of the Rat, is even bigger than the last one and takes the players into the heart of both the Veril & Undead cultures of Khuz’velgrim.


Over the next few weeks while working on Chapter 2 we will also be adding more free content to the website that expands your copy of the Voarcel Zine, & will give you plenty of interesting options to customize the game however you want to play.

We are also deep into the third session of our own Voarcel Campaign online, the recorded archives of our sessions are up on Youtube, available to watch here: Voarcel Live gameThe story takes place further down the Spectral coast, near the small logging town of Dejlig. For more information on the location be sure to check out our breakdown of the Spectral Coast, as well as watch the ongoing campaign.

If you would like to see how we develop our world and content, as well as see our finished products before anyone else, you can check us out on Patreon at Lunar Blaze on Patreon where we just threw up the ENTIRE adventure for chapter 2, months before publication. Lastly, we will soon be able to have our Physical copies of Voarcel available to buy from DrivethruRPG alongside our digital products. This is something we have been pushing for a while now but we wanted to ensure the highest quality of product for our customers before taking the service live. Expect that ready for the release of Chapter 2.

Memphis Comic Expo plans

Hey gang! So we are hard at work preparing for our Table at Memphis Comic Expo later this month, and we are excited to bring not only our existing catalog of Merch, but we have some brand new books, Including Volume 1 of our webcomic Heirs to the Throne & the first Chapter in an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons Zine, Voarcel.


In regards to Voarcel we are working on expanding the projects section of the site to include additional bonus content for anyone who purchases the zine, such as Random Encounter Tables, links to additional resources and snippets of up-coming articles for the next chapter. We intend to have both Voarcel Chapter 1 and Heirs Volume 1 available to buy both digitally & in POD format during the Convention on October the 21’st. To find out more about the Memphis Comic Expo & get your hands on one of the very first copies, (Signed free of charge) head over to Memphiscomicexpo.com & grab your tickets now!

ABC Wrap up + Patreon update!


Hey kids, long time no see! The website is back up and running, FINALLY! Sorry for disappearing for a while, but everything should be okie dokie now!

We just finished up with Anime Blues Con and we’re on the road to our Fall con schedule. We left ABC with high hopes and tons of new ideas for things we can add and improve on. One of the things we’ve done is made an entry on Patreon talking about this. We post blogs on there for free, so that everyone has a chance to see what we’re up to and what’s on our minds at the moment. So, if you’re feeling up to it, give it a read? And leave us your comments!

It was great seeing everyone again, both artists and con-goers whom we’ve met at cons and other events. Thanks for coming to visit us and support us, and we hope to see you again soon!

Oh, and thanks to everyone who commissioned us as well! Here’s a small gallery of things we completed~ BNHA (My Hero Academia) seems to be really popular now! I guess we’ll have to binge watch the show and make some merch for it now 😉

Stay tuned, Dudes!